Mehdi Hosseini work presented at Saint Petersburg Renaissance

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Baluch for instrumental ensemble, recently completed by Mehdi Hosseini, has been selected for inclusion on the October 22nd concert in the series Saint Petersburg Renaissance, regularly presented at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory. The evening’s festivities are dedicated to remembrance of Russian composer Uri Kachurov and include presentations of present-day composers living in Saint Petersburg.

This performance will be given by an ensemble formed of soloists from the St. Petersburg Conservatory and the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, and is to be conducted by St. Petersburg-based American conductor Brad Cawyer who his career to include work in Russia.

Baluch was presented in part in June of this year, receiving a positive response, but at the upcoming concert it will be given in its full version for the first time in public performance.

Mehdi Hosseini was born in 1979, in Tehran, where he studied music theory, Persian music and composition with Farhad Fakhredini. He later completed his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Composition at Saint Petersburg State Conservatory in St. Petersburg, Russia. There he studied composition with Alexander Minatsakanian and afterwards took a postgraduate course with the composer Sergei Slonimsky and conducted research on Eastern music with Professor Tatiana Bershadskaya. Apart from his education in Russia, Mr. Hosseini has also been a student of the composer Nigel Osborne.

In the latest news about Hosseini and his work, Compozitor Publisher has selected the composer’s String Quartet No. 2 for publishing in October, followed next year by his Concerto for String Quartet and Chamber Orchestra. Kompozitor Publishing is the oldest publishing house for music literature in Russia; the majority of its output focuses on representatives of the St. Petersburg composition school, printing the works of classic authors such as Glinka and also contemporary greats like Slonimsky.

Copyright ©  Mehdi Hosseini. All Rights Reserved.