The world premiere of composer Mehdi Hosseini’s composition “Monodies”

The world premiere of composer Mehdi Hosseini’s composition “Monodies” will take place on the 21st November as part of the opening day of the 23rd Annual International New Music Festival “Sound Ways”, in the Glinka Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra. The work will be performed by the Sound Ways New Music Ensemble under the direction of American conductor Brad Cawyer.

This year, the opening day of the festival is dedicated to the “Italian Project” in honor of the year of Russia in Italy and Italy in Russia. Hosseini’s “Monodies” fits within this idea in that it is dedicated to Italian 20th century composer Luciano Berio. The name “Monodies” has been used quite often in the composer’s recent works, in that, at the present moment, he is devoting a significant amount of attention to the embodiment of his musical ideas into a single-voiced style, using the sounds of the traditional music of Persia and mixing them with western trends.

In the last year, Mehdi Hosseini has been actively participating in contemporary music projects in St. Petersburg, the “Cultural Capital” of Russia. His music is regularly performed in such festivals as “St. Petersburg Musical Spring,” “Contemporary East and West,” “Contemporary Past,” “Sound Ways” and others. His music has been performed by ensembles such as The St. Petersburg State Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, The St. Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra and others. Also, some of the works of Hosseini have been published by St. Petersburg publishing house “Kompozitor.”

Hosseini made an invaluable contribution to the development of the St. Petersburg cultural scene by opening the St. Petersburg Contemporary Music Center “” in 2010.

Iranian composer Mehdi Hosseini was born in 1979 in Tehran. Hosseini began his musical training in Iran, studying Persian music and the fundaments of composition under the guidance of Farhad Fakhreddini.

Following his studies in Iran, Hosseini finished his Master’s degree at the St. Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory with professor A. Mnatsakanyan and finished his Doctor of Music degree (DMA) in Composition with Sergei Slonimsky. Hosseini also studied composition with composer N. Osborna and worked on problems of music theory under the direction of professor T. Bershadskaya.    

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